From Publisher’s Lunch: “Mark Dery’s essay collection I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts, a humorous, new collection of drive-by critiques of an America gone mad and a world where chaos and catastrophe are the new normal, to Jason Weidemann at University of Minnesota Press, by Andrew Stuart at The Stuart Agency.”

Cover, I MUST NOT THINK BAD THOUGHTS (University of Minnesota, 2012). Photo: Joanna Ebenstein.

A supreme act of intellectual courage on Minnesota’s part, at a moment when essay collections by everyone not named Gladwell tend to sink like stones; when the hoarse-throated yowl of yahoos threatens to drown out anything like Deep Thought; when the reigning prose style, in American glossies, is a beige, Strunkian minimalism that aspires, with the multitasking reader in mind, to the status of PowerPoint.

This, the U.S. edition of the essay collection first published in Brazil by Editora Sulina, will be substantially different, with a new introduction, revised contents, and even more mind-scarring illustrations. And Minnesota is that rare academic press capable of marketing this book to academics who speak fluent Lacanian and Chuck Klosterman fans alike.

I’m ecstatic.

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