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bOING bOING sprinkled holy water on my blog (I Am Not Worthy), and now faithful and godless alike are weighing in, with the usual signal-to-noise ratio: a handful of closely reasoned, well-argued responses and a farrago of spittle-flecked invective, Alpha Mensa threat-posturing, and off-topic maunderings from the flying snark monkeys. Like Dawkins, I have a day job (albeit a far less exalted one!), so I’m going to address the points raised by the more substantive commenters—whose insightful critiques leave me very much in their debt—sometime in the next few days, perhaps as late as this weekend. Until then…
…watch this space.

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    1. Mark Dery on “evangelical” atheism

      Culture critic Mark Dery has written a good ol’ fashioned rant about “‘evangelical’ atheists” like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. Although delighted by their strategy, Dery is disappointed in their seeming ignorance about American evangelica…

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