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The other day, as I was musing idly, one foot in the remainder bin, the other on a banana peel, Time came calling, out of the blue. They were interested to know if I’d be willing to play a walk-on role as fringe futurist in their “What’s Next” issue (October 24, 2005, on newsstands now). A few days later, I found myself in the standard-issue characterless conference room, playing brain pong with Tim O’Reilly, Malcolm Gladwell, Clay Shirky, David Brooks, Esther Dyson, and Moby. (What were they thinking?!?) <g> I have next to nothing in common with them, but it was fun nonetheless, a real thought-rattling kick in the head. Transcript here.

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    1. Dery, O’Reilly, Gladwell, Shirky, Brooks, Dyson, and Moby in Time

      This week’s Time magazine features a conversation about future trends with Tim O’Reilly, Malcolm Gladwell, Clay Shirky, Mark Dery, Esther Dyson, David Brooks, and Moby. From the transcript: TIME: WHAT INNOVATION WILL MOST ALTER HOW WE LIVE IN THE NEXT …