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I’m closer to the Golden Dawn/ immersed in Crowley’s uniform of imagery…” Left, Aleister Crowley, celebrity spokesmodel of the hermetic magick order, the Golden Dawn. Right, D.B. in his Queen-of-the-Nile Phase. Later, he would complete the intertextual circuit by embracing Elizabeth “Cleopatra” Taylor as his mother confessor, during the Lost Hollywood Years (’75-’76). Found online.

The latest installation of my epic personal essay-cum-cultural critique-cum-religious studies doctoral dissertation on religious imagery in David Bowie’s music, Bowie fandom as a Warholian mystery cult (whatever that means), the Deeper Meanings of Ziggy, and the historical backdraft from the Jesus Freak movement that swept America (including this Young American) in the ’70s, is LIVE, NOW, over at Religion Dispatches. READ IT HERE.

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