WIN FREE SWAG! File Under: Ironic Exploitation of the Creative Class…By a Fellow Impecunious Hack.

Dear Friends: The University of Minnesota Press is bringing out a PAPERBACK EDITION of my latest essay collection, I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts.

BUT: I must send them a list of ALL typos and errors of fact (of which, I say with some heat, there assuredly are NONE) by this coming Friday, Nov 8.

Here’s my Faustian bargain with you, dear reader: There’s only one of me, and a time-starved me, at that, but many of you. Make a list of all the typos and/or factual inaccuracies you’ve spotted in BAD THOUGHTS. Whoever spots the most errors will receive: a credit in the book’s acknowledgments IF U of Minn can squeeze one in, and a SIGNED copy of the paperback edition, inscribed to you with fond regards from Constant Writer.

Send all lists to me via markdery AT Verizon DOT net.

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