Shameless Exploitation Dept.: I’ve Tweeted about the importance of paying writers. I’ve been twitted about *not* being able to pay photographers. Now, I’m doing The Bad Thing Again: advertising for UNPAID (but, I hasten to say, NOT unremunerated) labor.

I’m looking for a detail-oriented, responsible transcriber, preferably a writer, grad student, or the like, to transcribe interviews for my Edward Gorey biography.

What’s in it for you?

My budget’s exhausted, but I can pay with barter.

  1. If you execute your duties diligently and thoughtfully, you’ll receive a heartfelt acknowledgment in my book.
  2. Better yet, for each tape transcribed, I’ll read one short (10 pages or fewer) article, essay, or creative work by you and offer, by phone or Facetime, a half hour’s worth of stylistic, mechanical (i.e., grammar, overall structure), and philosophical feedback to your writing and thinking, gloves off, no holds barred. We’re talking tough-love mentorship here, more attentive and pointed than you’ll ever get from your harried professors, writers’ group amateurs, or beleaguered spouses.
  3. Again, if you prove both professional and talented as a transcriber (a skill not to be dismissed lightly), I will be happy to write a letter of recommendation at some future date for whatever need arises (grad school application, grants, fellowships, jobs, et. al.) Any academics reading this should feel free to post it on listservs, circulate it via social media, and so forth.

Interested parties may contact me directly at markdery AT Verizon DOT net.

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