HIVE MIND: City Lights bookstore, in San Francisco, has expressed interest in an in-store appearance-cum-lecture, on the occasion of my new book, in late May, perhaps on Memorial weekend, May 25-27.

Thus, the question: if I book a date, will you come? If enough of you sound off, I’ll book it.

Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and friends in front of Ferlinghetti’s City Lights Books shop, 1956. Photo: Peter Orlovsky. All rights reserved.

I’ll be in San Diego and Los Angeles in late April and again in May, so adding an SF date, or even dates, is do-able. But I’d rather not hie myself all the way to North Beach without some assurance that the turnout will be worth it—say, 30 carved-in-stone RSVPs, unshakably committed to showing, whether Califas slides into the Pacific or not.

If there’s deafening silence, my delusions of arena-rock godhood will be dashed, and not a minute too soon. Mail me, post in this thread, comment on Facebook, Tweet me 13 1/2 beats to the bar, whatever. But I must hear from you within a day or two, or this window will close. City Lights needs my decision soon, if not sooner.

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