Dept of Hitler Studies

Tomorrow Belongs to Me

Prophesied to last a millennium, Adolf Hitler’s Thousand-Year Reich lasted only 12 years, from 1933 to 1945. Scripted to end–if it ever ended–in the melancholy grandeur of triumphal arches wreathed in ivy, its tawdry finale turned out to be a self-inflicted bullet in Der Fuhrer’s brain, as Soviet tanks rumbled into Berlin. The Third Reich’s […]

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Deconstructing Harry

Now that Fleet Street’s carrion-feeders have fled, The Department of Hitler Studies (chairman emeritus: Jack Gladney) wonders about the deeper meanings of this whole foofaraw. To begin, who hacked the hakenkreuz on Harry’s armband? Did the costume manufacturer attempt to inoculate the wearer against public outrage by defanging the infamous icon—shortening the bent part of the cross?s arms? (Hitler?s eye for graphic design insisted on longer, more symmetrical arms.)
Und so weiter…

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