NEEDED: A webdesigner with some coding skills (Movable Type, Perl) OR a coder with some design literacy.


1. Migrate the contents of my extensively built-out website ( to a new, user-friendly, free-hosting platform such as WordPress, Blogger, MT, or Tumblr. (Your informed opinion on which platform is best will help determine which platform I choose.) Once you’ve designed the site architecture and flowed legacy content into it, I’ll choose from among the available, off-the-shelf templates offered by the new host, but will likely need your help in customizing the generic design to suit specific layout and functionality concerns.

2. Move my domain name to same.

3. Optimize for search engines; notify all major engines of new site location.

PAY: To be negotiated. My budget for this is limited, but I’ll seriously consider all reasonable estimates. This project would offer marvelous experience for a newly minted design or programming grad, not to mention an impressive addition to his/her portfolio.

CONTACT: Send a resume, cost estimate (broken down by task/expense), and projected time frame for completion of project to:

markdery at verizon dot net

NOTE: I’ll be out of the office July 23-31, so if you send your resume and estimate between this Friday and July 31, please be aware that I’m off the grid.

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