A Gala Benefit for The Morbid Anatomy Library with me, Evan Michelson of the TLC reality-TV series Oddities, & Other Curious People, June 30 8 P.M.


DO NOT MISS THIS. It’s going to be stupendous: bearded women, glabrous men, a linguist who lost his tongue to savages in Ultima Thule, the world’s avowed expert on Diseases of the Soul, a card-carrying time traveller, the only mariner to have survived a season in the belly of a leviathan, conjoined twins demonstrating positions from the ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF UNSPEAKABLE PRACTICES, an acromegalic giant walking a lobster on a choke chain, a sales representative from a manufactory of false limbs, a baby’s arm holding an apple, and, as they like to say in vaudeville, more.

Please do join us. You’ll never be quite the same, I swan.

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