DOWNLOADABLE* NOW, at, MY FIRST E-SINGLE, a longform essay called “England My England: Anglophilia Explained.” (It’s available at iBookstore, too, I’m told, and coming soon to B&N.) What do you get for your $2.99? Nearly 8,000 (!) words of brow-furrowing about why some native-born residents of our Shining City Upon a Hill, where All Men Are Created Equal, are seduced by the fluting tones of manor-born privilege.

Time-conservation keywords: Class, power, Downton Abbey, Hitchens, Orwell, the “special relationship,” the monarchy, Dianaphiles, “Boy’s Own Paper,” “The Children’s Wonder Book in Colour,” the seductions of the Oxbridge accent, the Incredible Whiteness of Hogwarts, Mel Gibson’s blue-faced Scottish minstrelsy, the English Vice, marmite, suet, Jethro Tull, nursery literature as the script for all our dreams.

*Is there a more galumphingly awkward verb?

Want more? Here’s a brief interview with me, about the essay, by my publisher.


(CALLING OZ: Some of you have reported difficulty downloading my e-single, “England My England: Anglophilia Explained,” from Australia. My publisher writes: “Can buy it via HERE for Australia.”)


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