At long last, my new essay collection, I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts: Drive-By Essays on American Dread, American Dreams (University of Minnesota Press, April 2012), is available for pre-order from:

Bruce Sterling wrote the introduction; Boing Boing‘s advance praise calls it “…an intellectual journey through our darkest desires and strangest inclinations.” Luc Sante says it’s “a trustworthy and entertaining analysis of the lunatic fringe, which constitutes an ever-larger portion of the discourse in America today.”

Joanna Ebenstein From The Secret Museum Exhibition, Observatory, 2010.

NOTE: My publisher informs that I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts will be available as an e-book, in “Kindle editions [including a version for readers who read on their iPads using the Kindle app], Google, and other library aggregators.” Regrettably, there will not be a Nook-friendly edition. (Insert unhappy emoticon.) For whatever odd reason, the Amazon page doesn’t yet list the Kindle edition as an option, but keep watching that space; my publisher will presumably update it soon to reflect the e-book option.

Joanna Ebenstein From “The Anatomical Theatre”

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